Urgen torna a casa

Urgen ce l’ha fatta, raggiunta la maggior età ha potuto tornare nel suo Dolpo per fare i documenti d’identità.

Un viaggio lungo e soprattutto molto importante per lui. Solo, la prima volta all’aeroporto di Kathmandu, poi a Nepalganj, poi l’avventura del piccolo velivolo che porta a Juphal, poi l’incontro con una regione che non vedeva da anni ma il ritorno ad una vita che lui ha conosciuto bene ma ben diversa da quella che lui ora vive a Karunalaya, la vicinanza con gli animali da soma e da cortile, l’ambiente delle carovane di muli che trasportano le merci più in alto, dove vive la sua famiglia.

Un mix di emozioni forti che sicuramente faticherà a dimenticare.

Ma sentiamo cosa dice:


Namaste 🙏🏻 ev,

Now i am well rested and i was feeling a bit lonely for like 2 days after returning but now i am good 😌

Obviously the journey was amazing

After almost a decade,   returning to my district was very happy and exciting moment for me. And also going by flight was also first time and i enjoyed a lotttt.

For a day, i roamed around Nepalgunj which was whole new environment full of autorikshas and not even a single taxi😆 and also I couldn’t see a single hill or mountain there. It was so plain full of houses and shops that are lined roadside. It was a new experience.

After reaching dunai, first thing i felt the very cold air dolpa on top of that it was morning🥶. And the view was so fantastic though the village was surrounded by hills, everything was seen very clearly: the sky, mountain, hills and the river was so clean unlike Bhagmati😂

And i met some of my cousins and relatives.

I made my documents. During the process, i did have to go here and there from one side of the river to another but everything was done smoothly. With my uncle i explored  whole  dunai. And one thing that really amazed me was i saw couple of shopkeepers who were indian!? At that high place! For the business, they are everywhere 🫡

There were lot of dolpoli people among them i met one childhood monk friend and now he transport things with donkeys like my uncle.

It was a very very happy moment for me staying there for two weeks.😄😄